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Highly optimized user experience for tracking nutrition, training schedule, results and supplementation.

Privacy and security by design. No login required, strong on-device encryption and complete anonymity.

Official launch in July 2020

Built upon the fitness fundamentals and years of rock-solid experience from professional athletes and bodybuilders.

No ads, no meal plans and training programs promotions.

Thoreon is the fitness companion app that is unapologetically different to most. It has no quick fixes, empty promises and magic pills. It doesn’t present you with training plans, meal and diet guides.

Instead, it is created upon the fundamental principles of building strength & muscle and improving endurance. Thoreon is designed to be your daily fitness companion, so you can follow your own methods.

Thoreon is for athletes who know their own stuff. It is for those who want a tool to save time and effort while staying on their chosen path. For those who want to track their results over time with complete privacy, security and anonymity in mind.

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